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Earlier last year, I was invited by Craig Kyle and Kevin Feige to make their wrap-gift for the cast and crew of Thor: The Dark World. 

Here’s the thingie I did. Each principal cast member had their own character on their poster. 

And they paid me with a real Mjolnir! 

Filed under: posts I should have reblogged months ago but is very very cool and the movie comes out November 8th, and in IMAX 3D internationally October 30th.

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Details on how to pre-order your own Olly Moss THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Mondo poster can be found at Slashfilm dot com.

Olly Moss Mondo Dark Knight poster

Because these posters sell out so quickly, this particular run is guaranteed to be in your possession only if you take advantage of the pre-order! A great deal but it’s only good for 24 hours, starting July 18th.

The Dark Knight Rises opens in North American theatres July 20, 2012.

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