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Let's Build a Goddamn TESLA Museum!

This post isn’t under the tags ‘action figures’ or ‘actors’. However, it is definitely tagged under ‘coolest thing ever that you can contribute to and feel the warm fuzzies about’.

Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal) feels strongly about Nikola Tesla.

The TESLA Science Center of Wardenclyffe is trying to purchase the land where Tesla’s lab formerly sat, now in near-ruins, near Long Island NY.

Together they want to create a historical site honouring Tesla and his many scientific achievements. The goal is to raise $ 850,000. That seems like a daunting amount but the fundraiser is nary 4 hours old at post-time and they have already raised more than 1/10th of the goal. Astonishing!

The perks are cool. The geeks are out in full force in support of this. 

Now how much will it take to rebuild a  full-functioning wireless TESLA energy tower …

Indiegogo Fundraiser for the TESLA Museum  

The Oatmeal blog post

Matthew Inman will answer your questions about the fundraiser on Reddit

Update: The fundraiser has reached over $ 400,000 and crashed Indiegogo D:

Update II: So this just happened, 6 days after the fundraiser started, around 3:07pm PT:

Tesla Museum Indiegogo reached its $ 850,000 goal!

Wow! Congrats Matthew Inman and Tesla Science foundation!


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