The New York Comic Con 2013 Tumblr Meetup

August 9, 2013:

Update: there might be a slight schedule change, that is yet to be determined and the reason behind this is because the Tumblr Meet up date / time is dependent on the NYCC schedule, and I don’t want anyone to miss a panel, signing, cool things… and NYCC hasn’t announced their schedules yet. In fact the organizers are still hashing out applications for panels and such. I found this out the hard way at SDCC. Lesson learnt, and we’ll get this right at NYCC, yes? 

So, one-or-two weeks before the New York Comic Convention is when they will have finalized their panel schedules and when I’ll give everyone here a final date / time.

I will be letting the official Tumblr Meetup folks know that the date / time was a tentative booking and the final date / time TBA, and they can change it on the Meet up page.

TBH, I’m thinking a rescheduled date/time to be 1:00pm ET Thursday October 10th, just before the ‘Con opens at 3pm. Meet, greet, gives you a friendly face to say ‘HI’ to on the exhibitor floor or panel rooms & won’t interfere with any panels and shopping and such. We can even do this earlier; I can bring donuts & coffee if we want to make this a breakfast. What do you think? Ideas are gratefully considered.

If you wish to opt-out, please visit this page ( and de-select the ” I’ll Be There ” box and I won’t email you again.

Oh and if you haven’t gotten you NYCC tickets yet and want to attend this year’s Con, please do so; they are selling out FAST!

November 12, 2012: 

Tumblr Meetup kit arrived!

The Tumblr Meetup kit arrived! Woot!